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Ifyou think one or more of my art pieces would look good on your wall, here is someinformation to make that happen. I take great care to make sure each image is as perfect as I can make it before sending it to my lab.

First, consider the size of the print you would like to purchase.

Second, decide the type of surface, such as canvas, wood, metal, acrylic or paper.

Third, if you want to include a frame with your art.

I only purchase my client’s artwork to be made at a custom color lab in Akron, Ohio, where I have been a client for over a decade. They produce the highest quality prints used by professionals across the country. I have visited their facility many times and am blown away by the quality of prints I see being prepared for shipment.

To begin the purchase, just email me from the link on the first page. I will give you my phone number so we can get your specific needs met and ordered. The usual turnaround is two weeks and all prints are packaged so well they can withstand being dropped out of a low flying airplane.

Thank you for your consideration of obtaining one of my PhotoArt images!


My bathroom with a 30x40”canvas print

The sunflower has been Ukraine's national flower for a long time, but it has swiftly become a worldwide symbol of solidarity for the country and its people since the Russian invasion began.