Things to do before coming to my class:

RSVP - this is critical as I will set up the room to accommodate those who sent me an RSVP note via email

This will give you table space and a chair and electric and food and drinks (a Keurig is available) 

Download Midjourney and Discord onto your laptop (if you are bringing one).

The fee can be put into my glass candy jar - cash, check or money order - are those still around?

Dress comfortably for the class - I have both heat and air conditioning as per the weather conditions.

Parking is free on weekends in Kent and there is a large lot just behind the not defunct Huntington Bank 

which is across the street from my studio.

The address of my studio is : 112 East Main Street, Kent, Ohio 44240. Pacific East restaurant just to the right.

Email button :

Phone: 330-696-8508

The 112 address is on the glass door, go up the steep steps and it is the first door on the right. 

Restrooms are down the hall way to the left of my door. 

These AI art creations are now on client’s walls. They did not care how it was done, it just looked great to them!