Many people have viewed my AI art and wondered…”How in the world can he make art out of just words!”

I have already taught twos classes on AI art in my studio in downtown Kent, Ohio and the reviews are very rewarding. David said this after showing me several of his new art images…

“You haven’t seen the half of it. And I place all the blame on you!”

Larry said,   “Looking forward to incorporating AI into my composite work.  It's amazing, a whole new world.  To think, from 20 years in the darkroom to this.  Photography is more exciting than ever!”

Joe said this…

“Hi Jerry, I recall at your Midjourney seminar you mentioned you might start some photoshop classes. Are you still considering it? I definitely would be interested. Either in a group setting or even private classes. I’m most interested in learning about making precise selections and luminosity masks. I bought the TK8 actions, but they’re hard for me to figure out. Let me know if you plan on starting something like that. I’d appreciate it. Thanks.” 

Well Joe, I am doing an in-depth class on Midjourney and Photoshop, just as you asked.

The date : May 6th, Saturday.

The time: Class begins at 9am and will run until at least noon, maybe longer.

The Subject: “How to integrate Midjourney and Photoshop to Create amazing art”

The cost: I have been to many conferences that charged over $100.00 with 

no computer access, just notes.

My class will have electric to charge laptops, wifi and some breakfast snacks, coffee and tea. 

I will also be demonstrating the latest in version 5 and showing some tips and tricks that will amaze.

All of this for only $60.00 ! 

Yes, I know that a dinner out costs as much which is gone in 24 hours, three bottles 

of nice wine will be gone in several days and a ticket to a play might be about that 

but probably more. The art you create will last a lifetime and will probably be worth a small 

fortune after you are gone (but not forgotten).

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